In ten years and 570 odd weddings, I have met some amazing people. I really wanted to show some of my favorite images on a dedicated page. They may be here for all sorts of reasons, they may be obvious or candid or simply moments that I loved. I shoot roughly 60-80 weddings per year so I have a lot to choose from, hopefully over time I will fill this page up with an amazing little collection that can show you what defines me as a photographer, and makes me love what I do so much. I do not do generic work, I do not look at other photographers work. I work from my own creativity and every time I shoot a wedding I treat it with the philosophy that this is a unique day that needs a unique perspective. I am exceptionally grateful to my clients for voting me the Best Wedding Photographer in Victoria. Awards mean very little to me except when they come from my actual clients. This is why we are members of the ABIA.